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Car Stereo Installation

Car Stereo Installation 101: How to Setup a Simple Stereo System at Home


The process of DIY car stereo installation is not very difficult if you have the required tools and parts lying around in the house. If you have a few dimes to spare, you could invest the entire sum in buying quality speakers and save additional costs on labor by getting them installed in your garage.

Even though the process is not very difficult there are a few factors that you need to consider in order to prevent any major damage to the stereo or your car before starting with the actual installation. If not for the money that you will be saving, you can try it for then experience gained and the satisfaction of working on your car is priceless!

Understanding the Basics

Fortunately for the beginners, car stereo manufacturing companies make their systems amateur friendly, which means that every socket has a specific node to fit and you cannot mess it up even if you try! However, you need to be alert the entire way.

If it’s your first time, we recommend you settle for a simple audio system since it is easier to install. Moore high-end systems with LCD panels and screens are best left to the experts since they require a lot of more custom fittings. For Houston car audio installation there are numerous auto shops at your disposal.

Seeking Professional Help If and When Required

You can simply search the internet for the best services and the cheapest rates if you are not aware of their location. You could also ask your car buddies for their contacts.

If you are brave enough to try fitting a complex car stereo at home, you need to understand that setting up the head unit is the easy part. Installing the speakers is a whole different story! For most systems, the head unit fits directly into the slot left by the factory stereo system, but fitting the speakers into their desired places you need to make some minor adjustments into the body panels on the interior.

This is a messy job and if not done right could mess up the entire look of your vehicle. Car speakers Houston installation services are aplenty and if you even feel the need for seeking professional help you could call up JL Audio Houston and the guys will take up the task where you left off.


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Car Stereo Texas

Car Stereo Repair 101: Diagnosing and Fixing Some Common Problems


If you are a car owner and an audiophile, you must have encountered problems with your car speakers as getting them to work at certain times can be quite the task, especially if there is a problem with the connection. It is always recommended that you seek professional help, and if you happen to live in Texas you can search online for car stereo texas for the best solutions.

However, in case you need to repair the stereo yourself, this article will help you diagnose the problem and fix some minor issues to save you some costs momentarily. However, you should consult an expert as soon as possible to avoid ay major damage to the speakers on the long run.

Diagnosing the Problem

  • Check whether all the connections are intact.
  • Check every fuse related to the speaker
  • Check the butt connectors and replace the ones that you think are damaged.
  • Tighten the butt connectors to the speakers.

Finding the Right Solution to Your Problems

If your speakers are still not working, dismount them and carry out individual tests to further determine the problem. Connect each node of the speaker to a 9V battery and test it for a short period. If you can sense movement in the speaker or if they make a momentary pop noise your speakers are likely to work and there is a chance of something being wrong with the connection.

In such a scenario you might have to replace the entire wiring layout. But we recommend that you leave this part out for the experts since you would not want to mess up any working electrical components while you are at it.

Looking for the Right Repair Shop

Car stereo Houston is a pretty common search on the web and you are likely to find a hundred or so professionals listed on multiple sites.

There is a solution for every budge. Hence, you do not have to worry about paying the professional more than the actual problem would have cost you. But, this guarantees you peace of mind!

If you need recommendations about car stereo repair facilities in and around Houston, JL Audio Houston would be a good place to start, since they have the required expertise and staff to handle most stereo related problems while charging a nominal rate while they are at it!


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